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  1. would be any unused field that normaly only stores integerial values.
  2. im not a 100% certain but i dont think that returning results from a integer field will be working let alone storing something else then integers to it. the hive expects an integer value for those fields. fields that have default values like [] are treated as sqf values (arrays with mixed data). be aware that "callExtension" can only handle data blocks up to 4096bytes per call. If you exceed this your call will return a cut off value and spawning in that certain object will fail. I have seen this happen with especially ural type vehicles that have to much gear in them, especially if theirs alot of gear in with long classnames etc. Making extended use of the worldspace field will increase occurences of these faillures. Length per field is defo a limitation but the biggest concern is the total lenght of returned data per call.
  3. thanks for releasing this, i am shure i can put this to good use on my own projects, even for debuggin purposes :p
  4. _key2 = format["CHILD:298:%1:",_playerID]; _primary2 = _key2 call server_hiveReadWrite; if(count _primary2 > 0) then { if((_primary2 select 0) != "ERROR") then { _bankMoney = _primary2 select 1; } else { _bankMoney = 0; }; } else { _bankMoney = 0; };
  5. you cant use it without the needed changes to the database structure as these custom hive's all check for the banking data table to add new entries to it for players that have not got an entry in it. I will make a custom epoch dll that only has the 999 calls added to it. Its been requested quite a few times now. Will attempt to do it this week but not shure wich day as i got alot of work on my own servers at this moment.
  6. thats cause their all faulty. try this: format["CHILD:999:SELECT `evacUID`, `objectUID`, `pilotLocation`, `homeLocation`, `homeDir` FROM `evac_choppers` WHERE `playerUID` = '?' :[%1]:", str(_playerUID)];
  7. server_getDiff2 is located in the server_functions.sqf and it calculates the difference between the current and last known value for that variable. cause when saving to database it sends the diference value and the hive then instructs a basic math operation in a sql query... _humanity = ["humanity",_character] call server_getDiff2; //_humanity = _character getVariable ["humanity",0]; this code is 100% vanilla and the same as inthe files that came with this mod addon. You would know that if you had taken the time to check out a fresh download of epoch.
  8. reupdate your server_playerSync.sqf its got parts from SC1.1 and SC2.0
  9. to clarify on "setObjectTextureGlobal" This functionality only exists in Arma3
  10. care to supply rpt logs and corresponding hiveext.logs when this happens again please. I've never seen it happen on my sever.
  11. dude all it does is pull the data from the database instead of the sqf files nothing more nothing less.
  12. publicVariableClient & publicVariableServer theres no need for RE functions
  13. yes you cannot use thsi hiveext.dll and not have all the correct tables cause it tries to auto insert a record in banking_data if it doesnt find one while you login...
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