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  1. *Pops head in to see if there is any update*
  2. unfortunalty not, my epoch version is OK (white) but the ARMA 3 version is red.
  3. Does my ARMA 3 need to a certain version and if so, how do I do that? Steam says it is up to date.
  4. Hi, everything working for me except there is no player information, and the do not show on the map. Where have I went wrong?
  5. read these - ive only changed it on the test server
  6. Jon, I did a test - I set the following in the init.sqf MaxVehicleLimit = 50; and the errors stopped..
  7. is it possible to stop the parachute from floating away from the called position? dont want the loot landing in the sea/treetops/bear cave...
  8. Does this script remove the required items from the inventory? and does it put them back when your repack it?
  9. and how do I stop players from being instakilled when using the static weapons etc?
  10. Do you get any errors in your rpt ?
  11. from the dayz mod website; So I think you have them covered.
  12. Could it be a firewall issue? Blocking the outgoing/incoming request from the server browser? I don't know what ports you opened or what is needed to be opened for it to be "seen".
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