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  1. Hey guys,I'm renting a Day Z Epoch server this Friday but before I do I would love some help :) I will be going with a 24 slot server from HFBServers. Just wondering if someone could supply me with the basic scripts like Towing,Auto Restart,Take clothes,auto refuel and the information for setting them up. This is my first time managing a server and I have two friends that I will use as Admins,If someone could supply us with an Admin menu or something that would also be great. I'm fairly Tech savy but have never ran a server before so call me what you wish :P Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Edit- Hey,We would also love Roaming AI and Indestructible Bases,we would be offering a reward for the person who can tell us how to get and install said mods :)
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