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  1. Github updated to Ver 6.56 Build 39 which incorporates two additional features. 1) I added a setting that determines if loot is added when the mission spawns or when it is completed. See the change-log for details. 2) I redid the code that checks for proximity of players to the crate so that the mission end condition is only triggered when a player is on foot.
  2. I looked at the code at it should be an easy fix to revert it back to the way it was before. I will do this during the weekend.
  3. do you prefer that players have to exit the vehicle to trigger mission completion? That is an easy change to make. I find the AI 50 cals and AI armed vehicles attack me aggressively when I get close. Please double-check without god mode or other admin tools activated.
  4. I take it that this is what you noticed: Have to think about why that happened.
  5. I made some updates. Please check the github and let me know if they solve your issues. I have not had a chance to test them yet.
  6. Yes. For example, you could create an mission template for the purpose then run that static mission, passing the coordinates for the mission center rather than a randomly generated position. You can get an idea of the parameters to pass if you look at how missions are spawned in GMS_fnc_mainThread.sqf. Use the same basic strategy but make sure that you pass a unique name for the marker like "staticMission1". The mission will be spawned at each server restart.
  7. Not sure why they would be less aggressive in that build. I looked at the AI settings for that version and they are significantly less skilled. If you have any insights it would be great if you would pass them on.
  8. blck_AIAlertDistance basically determines how close one AI must be to the AI killed for it to get extra information about the location of the player who killed the AI but does not affect the initial time needed for AI to spot you and aim. My experience has been that even with everything set to 1 it does take the AI a little bit to aquire you. However, once they lock on they are lethal. I have been slain many times from 600 + meters at green/orange missions. If you want to make missions more rediculous add a few static grenade launchers. They track you relentlessly from quite far out.
  9. send me the skill settings you used when you get a chance.
  10. Please see the Github for v 6.55 Build 35 which should address the above issues.
  11. Yes. And I was thinking that it would be very easy to add a configuration setting the determines whether to delete the loot crate(s) at the time those objects are deleted. This would be a variable with true/false values that is checked at the line that adds the crate to the _objects array in GMS_fnc_missionSpawner.sqf.
  12. I have tried to make most of what happens at mission completion configurable to the tastes of the server owner. With respect to your specific questions: - Static guns are supposed to be destroyed once the AI manning them has been killed. If there is a consensus that you all would like to have an option to treat them like vehicles that would be an easy option to add. The cleanup of AI bodies is on a different timer from that used for mission objects and alive mission AI. Each body is marked with a cleanup time, and the mission system periodically scans bodies to see if they are due for deletion. Thus, if you require a long time to complete the mission, the bodies may be gone by the time you get to their location. There is a body cleanup time timer in the configs which you can use to control this. Keep in mind that if you have many dead AI on your server it may reduce server FPS. Mission objects (buildings, vehicles) should despawn after 30 min or so. Again, there is a timer setting you can adjust to determine how long these remain. If you would like to have the crate deleted you can do so by removing a comment in GMS_fnc_missionSpawner.sqf about half way down. There is a setting to kill AI vehicles in the configs. When that is set to false, players can unlock and enter AI vehicles once all AI are dead. I did re-write that script so it is possible that it fails on some occasions.
  13. Updated to build 34. Turned off debugging and confirmed that on a test server all 4 missions spawn.
  14. I suspect that I did not set blck_debugOn = false; in blck_variables.sqf. I am testing now and will post a few updates to the github later this evening as build 34.
  15. Versions from build 32+ should fix most of the issues raised over the past few weeks. Github updated to build 33 to fix a few typos in GMS_fnc_vehicleMonitor.sqf.