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  1. I recently set out to add mods to a server and confronted the challenge of pulling the class names, formating them in lists, and generating price lists. As there was no tool I could find to do this I have put one together. It allows server owners to pull class names for vehicles (Air, Land, boat), Weapons (arifle, srifle, launchers, etc), uniforms, vests, headgear, glasses, and output lists as either a simple list or a price list. That list is copied to the clipboard and can be pasted into any text editor. The price lists can be formated in either Epoch or Exile format by changing a variable in init.sqf. While I have written each of the modules, the approach to weapons was influenced by a post from KiloSwiss on this topic ( Download: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/Config-Extraction-Tools Installation: Instructions for installation and use are on the Github.
  2. I was facing this problem and found this script very helpful in working out a way to generate these lists and copy them to the clipboard. I have debuged it and adapted it to provide a more comprehensive list of class names for weapons, launchers, throwables, uniforms, vests, headgear, vehicles and magazines. For those who might find this handy you can download the complete set of tools: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/Config-Extraction-Tools
  3. I have thought about how to script the static missions but not actually set them up. My plan was to use a threaded approach to checking when to spawn the various components to reduce server load. I have to write a few scripts to handle that part, and add a template and set of functions for spawning all the static stuff. I put that all off because our dedi crashed a month ago and life outside of scripting has been busy. The statics will be in the next version.
  4. Thanks - I will update the Github.
  5. I pushed a quick fix to the github under the Master branch. Let me know if this solves the issue.
  6. Thanks very much to both of you for the kind words. I would welcome any new contributions as far as new missions. If you have something you would like to share just let me know and I will add it to the github. Cheers, Ghost
  7. Halves blackmarket traders move with each server restart. There may be a moving trader script around somewhere in addition to that provided by Epoch. If you use either the epoch or havles traders the buy/sell list can be modified as you like to limit choices available. Epoch has a player-based economy so the inventory of the Epoch traders is based on what players have bought or sold. That is not the case for blackmarket traders.
  8. You should be able to download A3EAI here: https://github.com/Cavadus/A3EAI-Continued It provides good roaming AI that are pretty easy to configure. You can have AI camps with no, some or tons of loot as you like. If you use the blackmarket traders you should be able to configure them so that players can sell the vehicles they capture there without bloating the epoch vehicle system which will cause problems. Grahame had a post a while back on the code you need to change to allow players to use the AI vehicles. The mission systems have different characteristics: VEMF and VEMFr spawn missions in cities and are generaly high risk because of statics. Loot is easily configured. Several systems spawn missions out in the open. SEM was one of the first, is simple and has been updated recently by Grahame; it provides missions that spawn out in the open. blckeagles v6.58 is provides more complex missions in that there are helis and vehicle patrols; missions can be extensivley modified. WAI was the gold standard for killer AI and is still around. It offers bandit and hero missions (I believe) which could be linked to karma in the future. You can mix and match these as you like as long as you keep the total number of groups spawned under 144 (for 32 bit arma at least).
  9. @Grahame, That looks like the correct change. Thanks for identifying and reporting the issue. I will update the Github. Cheers, Ghost
  10. A virtual keyring sounds like a good plan to me. On could still envision all of the concepts in my post above. Are you thinking of a GUI like the take crypto used to remove crypto from a player body with secure messaging regarding the key to-from the server ?
  11. I am really glad to see this request being considered for implementation. Below are my two cents as to how one might go about incorporating key objects in Epoch for Arma 3. I see two attributes that could be used to ones advantage: Arma's almost infinite ability to add variables to objects, and Redis' kind of free-form data tables. Imagine that there is a Key Object that is Blue and looks like an A2 Dayz Epoch key. There is one such object available in the game, and thus only 1 class that must be defined in the mod. The variables associated with this object might include an identifier (could be alphanumeric or numeric) that tells Epoch which vehicle it unlocks using a system of unique vehicle ID numbers, and a descriptor for that vehicle (MRAP blah blah) that the player could have displayed. In an ideal world that descriptor would be editable to 'Ghosts Ultraviolet My Kitty Car'. If you wanted to get super-fancy you could link the Arma image of the vehicle to the key as well. How would the unique identifiers be generated and stored? As either random numeric or alphanumeric values (think base 64?) generated at the time the vehicle is spawned during server restart, or as an index that is sequentially incremented each time a vehicle is spawned. Either way, the ID number would be stored in Redis using the same algorithm used for textures, inventory and other attributes of the vehicle. When the key is generated by whatever means, that same unique ID is tied to the key object along with any other descriptors (My Kitty Car, a2\...\texture.paa). Thus all information needed to use that key travels with the key object and is avalable for scripts to lock/unlock target vehicles/doors/safes. How does one link keys, players, containers and vehicles? The simplest solution I can see is to consider the case of a weapon with attachments, or a magazine that is not full. Here, the mod already stores unique information specific to that object in Redis and retrieves it when a Player spawns in, or a vehicle or container is spawned at server startup. I would think this basic approach could serve as a starting point for how to store information about Keys in Redis. Again, three atributes would need to be stored using the model proposed above: vehicle ID, name and texture. So, we can link a vehicle to a key using a unique ID, track that ID as the key goes from player to player, player to container, and so forth, and store and retrieve information about the vehicle and key to/from Redis. That key will open only the vehicle with a matching vehicle ID number. If we imagine the vehicle ID number is stored on both the vehicle and key in a variable through _x setVariable["EPOCH_keyID",_z] then we are all set for later lock/unlock requests in which we compare the EPOCH_keyID of the key and vehicle quite easily. That said, this leaves opportunities for lockpick/hacking, and creating master keys as follows. A successful lock picking attempt would set the vehicle state (another variable) appropriately, or perhaps more optimally, set the vehicle ID to 0, making it unlockable but enterable by anyone. Purchase of a keypad or lock used for any other lockable object would add a unique id to the vehicle and key to the players inventory. To avoid any chance of duplication of vehicle IDs one might add a prefix like format["%2%2", " hacked", random(one gazillion)] or format["%1%2","traderKey",random(on gazillion)] as a hypothetical example. A master key kit would set the ID for all vehicles on which it was used to that of one the player specifies. Being able to handle the case of a vehicle ID == 0 as meaning anyone can enter and no one can set a lock opens up additional possibilities for vehicles spawned in the wild and dealing with abandoned vehicles. Vehicles are already stored with a time-stamp indicating when the Epoch lock expires. This could be re-purposed to tell the server when the vehicle is abandoned. Rather than tracking when the vehicle was locked the server would track when it was last access, moved or entered. Abandoned vehicles are deleted or have their Vehicle ID set to 0, returning them to the wild. If one spawns vehicles in the wild, one would simply spawn them with Vehicle ID == 0, which opens up all the possibilities noted above. I hope these suggestions are helpful. Cheers - Ghost
  12. That post by Brunz is more or less what I have been using. The issue is that I am a Redis novice and I have not quite gotten my head around lua yet; my objective is to sorting out how one deletes the linked table entries for the vehicle and number of vehicles of that type in the list for that trader. The system Brunz proposed sort of works but bloats the table with vehicle repair kits. I have looked at some of those Redis resources and will keep digging. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  13. A while ago there was a wonderful tutorial on how one can use lua scripts to 'restock' or completely remove the invetory for traders which I have been using for some time. Included in that was a script to replace vehicles with vehicle repair kits or other goodies. I wondered if anyone who is more adept at these things would be willing to share an lua script that deletes vehicles altogether. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  14. Please disregard.
  15. Version 6.58, Build 57 is on the github (Master Branch). Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and testing.