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  1. I have seen that message too. I am not sure why. I suggest that you take a look in the thread for that script.
  2. That should let you sell them. Add those classnames to the blacklists to block players from buying them.
  3. I believe you can sell them at blackmarket traders if you wish. There are a few posts by Grahame around on this topic. It is not advisable to sell them at epoch traders as the game is configured. If Epoch were to be able to distiguish persistant from non-persistant vehicles then this would not cause any problems.
  4. The lines beginning with diag_log were commented out just to reduce uneccessary logging. The deleteMarker was commented out accidentally at one point, causing issues; I replaced it as you can see but now see that I had it twice. Too little sleep was the probable cause of this issue.
  5. I honestly never wrote the code for helis with the thought that players would want to use them. I would have to look into this a bit but I think that you would have to modify the vehicle monitor script(s) to release the vehicle to players when all AI were killed.
  6. I think this was a bug in one recent build. Please double-check that you are using the latest files in the debug folder.
  7. [Issue] Australia Police buildings and such

    I believe that you are referring to the following: player setVariable ["copLevel",1,true] Adding that line to the init.sqf may be enough to get you started. It would certainly cover you until the player died. I recall playerRespawn.sqf being suppressed in Epoch a while back which caused some issues for a few scripts. I have honestly forgotten the workarounds at this point. I looked through the epoch_code\custom folder for a hook you could add this too but did not see anything for the respawn function client-side. You could modify @epochhive\epoch_server\compile\epoch_player by adding the following: _playerObj setVariable ["copLevel",1, true]; below line 44 which reads: _playerObj setVariable ["REVIVE", true]; then repack your epoch_server folder and give it a go. You could look at the server-side scripts further if you wanted to handle everything serverside and set that variable when a new player is created or when the player is loaded. Those more familiar with the inner workings of Epoch may have simpler solutions.
  8. A3EAI - Roaming/Vehicle AI Patrols - Discontinued

    I have not looked at the code, and Grahame may have more information on this. My guess is that the way the script is coded, only persistnat vehicles can be sold as this is written
  9. I was thinking of the blacklist in settings.sqf. I am not sure if that allows you to exclude items from being sold by the trader while allowing those same items to be bought. There is a post around somewhere on this I think, probably by Heman at a tim when I had a similar question.
  10. I believe that there is a place you can blacklist items you do not wish to be sold, possibly in the init. I will try to dig out the info for you if need be.
  11. By default I believe the default epoch.Altis.pbo does not include an init.sqf. All you need to do is create a text file called init.sqf and paste that line into it.
  12. There is no built-in method to spawn them but there is no reason not to take one of the mission templates, modify it to suit the needs of s static mission and spawn it. I have been using A3EAI plus objects spawned in as map-addons for static missions and that works quite nicely for us. I have a strategy for supporting static missions but have not gotten around to scripting or testing it.
  13. Server dissipated

    A3L sometimes fails to display a server if: a) it is offline for a while, such as might occur for updates or other server maintanance; b) that server is running a mod that A3L can not identify or download or is not identical to what is on steam for whatever reason. Can you find it by either the server browser in Arma3 Launcher or by direct connect in arma 3? If so then one of the issues above is responsible. If not, then the server is probably offline for some reason.
  14. To remove Apex items open custom_server\configs\blck_defines.hpp change this #define useAPEX to this //#define useAPEX then repack the custom_server folder. I can't remember if I tested it but it should work. As for CUP weapons, there is no built in support. You can certainly add cup items to the various configuration files if you like.
  15. Epoch 0.5 Questions

    I submitted a file change request. Thanks for posting the followup on this.