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  1. @RetroTorero, Glad you got it working but i'm surprised nothing spawned with the default. In any case, I will add a case for tanoa for the next release (ETA uncertain given work obligations) given that it is such a great map.
  2. We did have blckeagls running on Tanoa servers just fine while back, and I am pretty sure coordinates are defined for Tanoa in the file Drokz reference. Have you made any modification to any of the configs? Did you add the required folder debug to your mission.pbo and include the init.sqf, or merge it with the one you already have? Does the server.rpt file show that blckeagls initialized (just search for blck with any text editor, and I recomend notepad++ for this purpose). Are there any errors in your .rpt file ?
  3. I don't think i've seen that one. _patrolVehicles is an array of vehicles spawned to patrol the mission area that would be deleted at mission cleanup unless they are released to a player. Are there any errors above this?
  4. This series of posts may help you. I can work on this later on in the month. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/193097-testing-terrain-gradient-of-an-area/
  5. Glad it worked out for you.
  6. What you have done looks OK and I am not sure where the error is. To start, does the default blcekagls run? It should as there is a set of default setting. Second, Have you put in changes one by one, meaning modified _findWorld then tested, then added the positions you want to exclude? Third, please share the entire _findWorld.sqf. and .RPT, preferably using links to a dropbox or something like that.
  7. Autorun Scripts

    in canrun.sqf try changing: _canRun = (vehicle player == player && !(surfaceIsWater (getPos player)) && !((damage player) >= 0.5) && !(_injured) ); to private _underwater = (underwater player || eyePos player select 2 < 0 || surfaceIsWater (getPos player)); _canRun = (vehicle player == player && !(_underwater) && !((damage player) >= 0.5) && !(_injured) );
  8. Autorun Scripts

    The check for whether/when to stop autorun is done in the canrun.sqf script. I would add any check for being in water etc. there.
  9. @Drokz, Thanks for the bug report for _noVehiclePatrols = 0; I had not put much error checking etc. in there. I'll add that to the list.
  10. The debug output in your .RPT is to be expected. Don't worry about that. It is left over from when I was sorting out those scripts last night.
  11. Um, be patient? This is a first pass intended to get something working in place. I really do not see a value in timers for static missions personnaly. I can see some value in not spawning the buildings in until a player is near but scrapped my initial efforts to code this in the name of expediency. I reason that the dynamic simulation manager will deal with the worst of the penalties of the buildings and AI. I was biased by they way I set these up on our servers, meaning that loot crates are stuffed so that if you make it through the hail of bullets you have a chance to re-arm. Similarly, to keep it challenging, I let players sort out for themselves whether all AI are dead. I left out the end condition stuff for a few reasons - to get something that works initially , and to avoid having additional scripts running (as compared to functions). You can actually just spawn in whatever marker you want as part of the mission template and label it with whatever text you like. Adding text is not difficult and can be done using the same method employed in the dynamic mission spawner.
  12. @Sneer, Not sure how I messed that up, but you are correct. I updated the github just now.
  13. Yes but it will take some thought and scripting. The data needed are already linked to each mission (# of alive AI) so that the mission can be tripped when all AI are killed. I just have to ass something to send updated marker text labels to the clients and an option in the configs to enable/disable it. I'll put it on the list, possibly for early September.
  14. I tried to make it so that creating new static missions was 'easy'. I hope you find that to be the case.
  15. Autorun Scripts

    Quite amusing. I'll have to look into that when I have a chance. Does anyone have thoughts on a solution?