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  1. I'll take a look when I am back from vacation.
  2. Still working on this, unfortunately. I recommend going back to v 6.45 or 6.46 for now. I will continue when I return from holiday in about 10 days.
  3. Thank you for those bug reports. I will work on them tonight. I suspect that the issue with ammo relates to an arma engine issue. Recently, I have noticed warnings in the logs regarding certain weapons. I will look into using a 'reload' event handler rather than 'fired'.
  4. Fix for the errors with missions not spawning after a while pushed to the github as Version 6.54 / Build 27. For those up for some testing please let me know if this solved your issues. I reverted back to the old system of mission timers which has been bullet-proof for the past year. Thank you Brian Soanesn, Sneer, Deerawk, viper and the rest who have been posting bug reports with .RPT errors.
  5. Thanks - reverted to the old system for mission timers for now. I suspect that has been the cause of many of these errors.
  6. Would you please send me a full .rpt? I worry that there is something in the script that updates the mission que that is still off, or a variable that is being corrupted.
  7. I'll check on this now.
  8. Fix for the warning posted to the github. EDIT Errors in GMS_fnc_vehicleMonitor.sqf fixed and posted to the github. Thank you everyone for the feedback.
  9. Found the key problem in GMS_fnc_updateMissionQue.sqf and updated the github with a fix. Also corrected a few other minor errors.
  10. Found the key problem in GMS_fnc_updateMissionQue.sqf and updated the github with a fix. Also corrected a few other minor errors.
  11. Found the key problem in GMS_fnc_updateMissionQue.sqf and updated the github with a fix. Also corrected a few other minor errors.
  12. yes there is an issue in GMS_fnc_updateMissionQue.sqf. Basically, I need to re-work the method for updating the record for the mission. I can't delete the old one and add in a new one. I should have a fix by midnight tomorrow.
  13. Sorry about that. There were two typos I missed. Please download the updated zip and give another try. I just ran this on a test server and it started up fine.
  14. This might be happening for a few reasons: You have reached the maximum number of groups allowed for the side on on which blckeagls spawns AI. There is a problem with the code that spawns mission markers. There is an issue with the code that recycles missions. You can increase the the period for mision timeouts by increasing blck_MissionTimout = 40*60; // 40 min (line 142-ish) to say 400*60. I have a few questions: have you made any changes to blckClient.sqf? have you changed init.sqf to initPlayerLocal.sqf? are you precompiling blckClient.sqf? Have you looked in the server .rpt to see if the missions continue to spawn? I have the same ? for the client.rpt. The only time I have observed this behavior is when GMS_fnc_spawnGroups.sqf is unable to spawn a group. this happens when the number of groups for the side for AI reaches 144. When this happens the createGroup function returns grpNull and everything grinds to a halt. I put in some logging to report this (server.rpt) so it would help if you could look for <GROUP-NULL> in that log. I never completely finished the abort code needed to handle this problem. Thanks ! Ghost EDIT: I think I see the problem. There is an issue with GMS_fnc_updateMissionQue. Working on a solution now.
  15. Quick question: if you look through the server.rpt are the missions continuing to spawn? did you implement the changes to the client on the github (rename init.sqf to initPlayerLocal.sqf)?