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  1. or you could just use the arma 3 launcher built into the game and it does all that for you. why make things complicated when that makes it easier
  2. GTX is the way prices are cheap and customer service is great.
  3. its a fix but still not as good a fix as mysql where you add the script set it to schedule at server restart and it does it automatically for you and the first link is to do with hc clients.
  4. well on my server i just added armed ground vehicles armed jets and heli's also hidden on the map 1 artillery tank for that ultimate piss take and destruction also i dont have no pussy ass indestructable script. and when ever i log in i make sure i log in as a corps so i can delete debug building so that even the fresh re spawns aint safe from artillery shells :D
  5. i may be stupid here but how would a person change the billboards image with this?
  6. Please for the love of all humanity ditch the current database system and return to MYSQL. MySQL is a damn sight easier to use than this stupid redis version. Deleting Vehicles redis- you have to delete each 1 individually mysql- select all click delete. Traders- redis-cant even find them on the database unless i purposely go to that trader and add something. also adding stuff to it is a nightmare. mysql- go to traders folder make your changes. So please do the community a favour and make this change back to sensible mysql.
  7. i think commen issue is people dont know your server needs allinarma.
  8. well good server owners like myself once a week pull the DB files and delete the vehicles so that new ones spawn in. hell i even got bored increased the limit and added armed vehicles.
  9. only reason he wouldn't see them would be if he is out of sync majorally with the server to the point they dont spawn for a few minutes after he has arrived. but saying that if that was the case your server provider is crap and your ping is too high.
  10. lol i just shoot the drones down on sight then no AI to worry about as it hasn't locked onto your position.
  11. and off he goes with the rage quit lol
  12. thats why you record outside of TS :D
  13. shame you didnt record the conversation with sound and video
  14. wonder if the devs have active backdoors on the servers that people dont know about? make these unauthorised servers unusable with a lil bit of hack
  15. if anything strip them of there right to host advanced copies.
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