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    Animated Crash Spawner

    Current Release 1.3.3 I always thought this was a cool server event and it hasn't been touched in four years, so I gave it an update, some code optimization, and new features. 1062 Updates Updated to utilize the new 1.0.6+ loot tables. Debug mode enables or disables server rpt diagnostic logs. Adjustable mission timeout. Lower grass around the loot. JIP marker loop (replaces the waitUntil used to detect players). Automatically detects the map that you are using and adjusts accordingly. Configurable blacklist per map. Download and install Instructions Credits Original Author @Graf Zahl - @Finest Modified by @BushWookie and @Forgotten for Epoch Modified by @f3cuk for Epoch 1051 Modified by @JasonTM for Epoch 1062 Additional heli start points by @Richie and @BetterDeadThanZed
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    Adding custom vehicles?

    you cant edit the files directly they are in dayz_code and cant be moved clientside. You have to remove the weapons when the vehicle spawns. Follow this post but use RemoveWeapon instead of AddWeapon
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    Thats a main point all around my idea. The condition must be done for speed and coincidently for crouch mode. Runing in crouch mode with shift pressed give almost full max speed. If condition will be for crouch mode + speed max 12-13, then movement will be what i have on my mind. Player will moving silently and zombies will not spawns. I think everybody will want moving fast, everybody will want to kill zombies :-) But if player will want play silent assassin role, zombies will sleep deep under grass. Maybe I will have to forget about this feature. For me it is hard to explain in english this stuff. Google translator helping me every day. I hope you understand what i have on my mind. In all case, this script is very good and i want to add this one to my server. Thank you again.
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