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    Epoch 1.0 Release Changelog

    I am proud to present to you Arma 3 Epoch Mod version 1.0. This update represents the cumulative volunteer effort over 4 years by me and more than a dozen people and this latest update would not possible without help from these great developers: @He-Man, @DirtySanchez, @Raymix, @orangesherbet , @pumba and @Helion4. An extra thanks go to our donors and GSP sponsors for your ongoing support. Full Changelogs: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/changelog.md Release Notes: Added Favorites bar - Players can pin (almost) any item to the bar by dragging items from inventory to equip/un-equip (Weapons, attachments, headgear, etc.) or consume (eat, drink, build etc) using keyboard mapping without having gear open. Use ESC menu to change the mappings. Server admins, see client_init.sqf for config. Advanced Vehicle Repair System - Repairing your vehicle just got more realistic. Patch a leaky fuel tank with Duct Tape. If you blow a tire you now need to find a Spare. Engine too damaged? you'll need to grab an engine block to repair it. Repair Items: Duct Tape - Used to repair fuel tanks. Fuel Tank - Replacement fuel tank. Spare Tire - Repairs a blown out tire. Engine Parts - Repair parts for Engines. Engine Block - Replacement engine block. Glass - Fixes broken window glass. Rotors - Repairs helicopter rotors. Vehicles Armed Mosquito: helicopter variant that comes with 3 Grenades. Vehicle Upgrade System - Upgrade your ride by using one of the new vehicle upgrade documents found in the world. Vehicle Ammo Reloading from Inventory and Vehicle Ammo. Vector Base Building - Build in any direction or angle you want. (uses Arrow keys by default and with SHIFT / ALT you can control the steps). Base Building: Quarter and Half wood floors. Concrete floor. Cinder wall with a window. Cinder wall with a metal door and window shutter. Barbed Wire. Concrete and Metal Towers. A-frame and Domed Tents. Burn Barrel Wooden Light Pole Small (forest and desert) Camo Nets Large (forest and desert) Camo Nets Camp Fire Field Toilet Scaffolding Sink (water source), Single and Double Portable Lights Lifeguard Tower Sun Shade Fuel Pump Small Sandbag Bunker Short Sandbag Wall Long Sandbag Wall Bar Gate Water Pump Crafting Canvas Smelting Tools Female outfits 84 new outfits based on 20 top designs and 4 new pairs of jeans. Halloween masks Witch Skull Ghostface Plague Hockey Medical items: Adrenaline Shot Caffeine Pills Orlistat Pills Vitamins Antibiotic Atropine (Radiation Toxicity) Nanite Pills, Cream, and Shot (Radiation Toxicity) Iodide Pills (Radiation Toxicity) Food items: 100 Krypto Candy Bar RedKing Burger BluKing Burger Gyro Wrap Ice Cream Cereal Powdered Milk Box o Rice Farming System: Craftable farm garden plot, Just place seeds and watch it grow. Seeds for growing: Goldenseal, Hemp, Poppy, Pumpkin, Sunflower. Karma System: Will affect your ability to perform certain missions and purchase some items in the future. Karma changes for deaths, suicides, PvP, trader kills, revives, trading sales and purchases. Radiation System Out of bounds radiation Digital Geiger counter Satellite crash event Dynamic Debris Vehicle wrecks that can be broken down to scrap metal using the sledgehammer. Trash and other debris on the roadways that can be "Examined" for loot. Epoch Events 3.0: Support for external pbo based events. see epoch_server_vip_event or epoch_server_debris_event for examples. VIP Event: Reveals the map location of a random player that possesses a specific item (default: ItemBriefcaseGold100oz) every X (default: 15) minutes. Epoch Dev Libs: See https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/experimental/Tools/DevFrameWork for more info. Dynamic Simulation is now fully enabled. See "CfgDynamicSimulation" for configs. Misc Items: Seed-based dynamic "underground" bunker concept using VR map. Barrel Bomb: large craft-able explosive that can be placed and detonated. Brown Briefcase: that contains 100oz Silver. Bio Hazard bag "Zombie Parts Bag". Custom map markers and icons. Option to drink with your hands from water sources found in the world with an added chance for toxicity. Md5 hash function, See usage example with EPOCH_fnc_server_hiveMD5 SQF function. Map support for Malden 2035. Map support for Chernarus Redux. Changed Crafting recipes can now have item requirements and Crafting metal bars now require Smelting Tools. Karma now persists death and was moved to community stats. Optimized player saving and loading. CBA extended event handler and zeus curator support for Epoch Vehicles. Base PlotPole ESP added to Epoch Admin Panel. Helper arrow to indicate the door-opening direction for Base Building. Made ServicePoint more configurable. Base Building: Elements can be detached to walk around the Element before saving. Replaced 0/90/180/270° direction build mode with "Rotate 90°". Max building height now will be checked directly at building element placement. Separated Hunger and Thirst loss values. Hunger and Thirst loss rates are now affected by server time Multiplier. Gas Station Auto-Refuel is now disabled on all maps by default. Note that this update requires extension (epochserver.dll/so) updates server side. Fixed Player stats variables are now obfuscated, and hitpoints tracked via the server. Bad conversion: bool RPT spam caused by incorrect usage of configClasses. Snapping issues with base building. Sounds not working due to changes to 3dSay command in recent A3 updates. Spawning at base above Water was not working correctly. One step is higher on stairs, can't run up while crouched. L85 Elcan optic issues. Zombie falsely triggers Mission success. Base Building 90° and 270° Snap was broken. Sometimes snapped Base Building elements rotated back on save. BE kicks since 1.76.
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    Epoch 1.0 Release Changelog

    Arma 3 Epoch 1.0 has been released! Client Files: http://epochmod.com/ - HTTP mirrors, Steam workshop, Play with Six, ModDB, Armaholic Server Files: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/releases/tag/ File Changes: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/pull/948/files Notes: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/44467-epoch-10-release-changelog/
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    Arma 2: DayZ Epoch

    Hello all, We are pleased to announce the release of ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch, [will shortly be] available for download at: http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php or use the direct links. Client Package Server Package We've further refined Epoch 1.0.6/, fixing and expanding many of the features that were added. Please see the change-log below for a list of new features, fixes, and changes. Throughout the update process we have kept up to date with changes from DayZ mod 1.9.0 Server admins should read the README.TXT included in the server package. BE and server profile/config directories should be placed outside of the A2/OA folder, i.e. in a folder C:\DayZ_Epoch_Server_Config to prevent hackers from obtaining RCON/admin passwords! Addons from and older are not guaranteed to be compatible with 1.0.6 releases and greater. Please see the updated resources forum for mods which are guaranteed to be compatible, otherwise please be thorough when testing older mods on your 1.0.6 server. A list of variables that have change is available as part of the 1.0.6 changelog txt file included in the client package. https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/122-resources/ Single currency has been updated for 1.0.6 and newer, please see the following thread for DL and info:
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    === Credits: All credit belongs to all authors of used source files: DayZ Epoch developers, collaborators and contributors (thank you guys for your excellent work!) @Markk311, @f3cuk, @Jossy, @BangL, @nerdalertdk, @Caveman - creators of this system @JasonTM, @salival, @ebayShopper - for keeping system alive, further developing and fantastic support Special Thanks goes to: @_Lance_ for deep addon testing and most usefull feedback. Thanks to him we know, how IWAC works under heavy load on populated server (12 concurrent missions :)) @totis, who brings great ideas into this script and did a great tester job! @DAmNRelentless for offering German translation and taking care of addon Github repo. @salival for his ZSC remote msg script which we are using ... all great guys helping make WAI better (I'm pretty sure I forgot a lot of people...). Thank you all for your great job! === Download v1.3.1 [Last update: 2018-01-16] === Introduction: ... once upon a time, *mr. yeahBUT* and *mr. no_name* chatting: --- Q: mr. yeahBUT IWAC? OMG, what is it? A: mr. no_name Well, it's Autoclaim addon for WAI mission system. --- Q: mr. yeahBUT ...yeah, but is it usefull? What it can do? A: mr. no_name Not sure about the first question part... but it could be. If one of your server rules says somenthing like: "Player has to claim mission in sidechat and mark mission on map with name", well, this addon is just for you. It's fully automatic, which means - no more sentences like: "I forgot...", "Who is doing mission xy?", "Could you please remove your marker once mission is finished?" etc. This little addon will make all the job for you and your players. --- Q: mr. yeahBUT pffff... I have PVP server. Totally useless! A: mr. no_name Probably yes... Do you wanna hear more? --- Q: mr. yeahBUT hmmm.. not really, but I have nothing to do right now, so continue... A: mr. no_name ...OK my friend. I have certainly nothing to do either, so I will... :) What's your question? --- Q: mr. yeahBUT ok.. let's start with somenthing I can picture in my mind. Do you have any screenshot so I can see it in action? A: mr. no_name yeah, sure... --- Q: mr. yeahBUT What is that red circle around mission? A: mr. no_name This is somenthing I call it "claiming zone". You can configure it using these variables: iben_wai_ACzoneActivate = true; // Turn claiming border ON/OFF iben_wai_ACzoneMarkerColor = "ColorRed"; // Border color iben_wai_ACdistance = 1300; // Distance from mission center to claiming border --- Q: mr. yeahBUT hm.. 1300m? It's a little bit too much. Should be much shorter distance. A: mr. no_name It's completely up to you. If you want to be loved by your snipers, set it to 400m and set AI skills to max - no kidding, I experienced this setup already :)) Also remember - there is somenthing called timeout distance in WAI - you can search variable `wai_timeout_distance` in WAI config. If `wai_timeout_distance` < `iben_wai_ACdistance`, mission can dissapear in front of player's face (which doesn't mean it's a bad thing...) --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Well, it's too bad. Can you imagine what happen if two or three missions spawns close to each other? You think it's not a problem player could claim multiple missions? A: mr. no_name How should I answer this question...? Let's start with this: When you try to setup any system, you should think about it. I mean - there are variables `wai_avoid_missions` and `wai_avoid_traders` in WAI config for example. Just use bellow formulas and you should prevent mission (mission claim zones) overlapping: wai_avoid_missions = ((iben_wai_ACdistance * 2) + 500); wai_avoid_traders = (iben_wai_ACdistance + 200 + 500); // ... also see picture bellow: --- Q: mr. yeahBUT That's nice, but I've already experienced mission placement is not perfect... there is a chance player will claim two missions! A: mr. no_name In fact, it's not possible. If player is already 'claimer', he is registered and system doesn't allow him to claim multiple times (you can see it in the video at the bottom). --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Alright... what's that flag with name? I don't want to expose player name! A: mr. no_name It's up to you again. You can configure all about player marker using these variables: iben_wai_ACshowNames = true; // If false, text = "Claimed by a player [realtime status info]" iben_wai_ACmarkerType = "hd_flag"; iben_wai_ACmarkerColor = "ColorBlack"; --- Q: mr. yeahBUT ok... yeah, but it's too bad to expose player by setting marker on his position... A: mr. no_name You are not exposing his position. Marker is created in random spot within given range. You can adjust it by setting variable: iben_wai_ACmarkerRange = 400; --- Q: mr. yeahBUT cool... so why not create flag object to be visible close mission? Cool idea, huh? A: mr. no_name yeah, sure it is :) You can use these variables: iben_wai_ACcreateFlagOjb = true; iben_wai_ACmarkerFlagClass = "FlagCarrierINDFOR_EP1"; // ... see the picture bellow: --- Q: mr. yeahBUT How will player know about claiming is happening? A: mr. no_name You can enable message system and let player know. Just use bellow variable and install client side files: iben_wai_ACplayerMsg = true; --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Yeah, but... still. Why should all players force to read useless msg that are not about them? Also... that's server resources waste to broadcoast so many msgs...! A: mr. no_name Actually msg is private. Only player involved is informed and can see the msg. --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Yeah... but there is couple more troubles. For example: Mission just spawn close to my position or I'm just passing by location. I don't want to be a part of mission fight, but still... I'm in zone... That's not good. A: mr. no_name You can use bellow variable and set it to some reasonable value in seconds. That gives passing by players enough time to decide to stay or leave claiming area. iben_wai_ACsafeClaimDelay = 60; --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Too many troubles... what about players in bases? A: mr. no_name Just make your decision if you want to allow players fight missions from base or not. You can use following variables. This way you can force autoclaim system to ignore these players. iben_wai_ACplotRestriction = true; iben_wai_ACplotRange = 30; // If 'iben_wai_ACplotRestriction' is true, what distance from plotpole is not allowed? --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Hm, but what if player claimed the mission and dies, loses connection etc. What then, ha...? A: mr. no_name As you can see at the above picture, there is marker with player name (or anonymous name) and so called `realtime status`. If player is alive and fighting inside claiming zone, status is `Active`. If player is gone - timeout is fired. That means, system will wait given time for claimer return. If timeout runs off, mission is free for claiming. You can set some reasonable time for timeout in seconds: iben_wai_ACtimeout = 300; --- Q: mr. yeahBUT What about my admins? I don't want them to claim missions just because they are helping inside zone... A: mr. no_name Yeah, got it. You can exclude your admins from system: iben_wai_ACexcludeAdmins = true; iben_wai_ACadmins = ["0","0"]; // List your admins UID's --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Wait! I'm using moving missions like 'patrol'. It's a nonsense to use autoclaim for that kind of missions! A: mr. no_name Agree. If you have any kind of moving missions, or custom missions you want to be free for all, just exclude them: iben_wai_ACexcludedTypes = ["patrol"]; --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Ok then. So... I have couple more minutes before my favourite movie starts. So last a few questions: I believe you will face problems in such scenarios like: multiple players in the same time in the zone - who will be first? What about other players? And what about player or better players in vehicle? You will not be able to sort them out and it's gonna be chaos! A: mr. no_name Well, I made the best I could in given time and space. I don't want to go too deep, but imagin autoclaim system as somenthing like simple `memory buffer`. This buffer is **(a)** able to recognize all players in area (including all players inside vehicles); **(b)** is able to sort them out by distance. It's very small probability two players will reach the same distance in the same time - the only exception crossed my mind are players n the same vehicle - they share the same distance. But system is able to recognize them and sort them from driver to cargo. But anyway, system is able to handle these scenarios pretty well (at least I hope so according to test results); **(c)** System works in layers - from register list, wait list to claim list. Each layer is equiped by self-cleaning mechanism, so each list is real image of status in claiming zone. (self-cleaning means, once player leave area etc., he is kicked from list and next player in list takes his place - there are no `dead souls in list`). --- Q: mr. yeahBUT OK... here we go. So another loop for WAI. It's already server performace killer as it is...! A: mr. no_name Hm... good point! And no, we are not creating any extra loop (not single one...). We are using already existing loops - and we are using these loops only and only if it's reasonable and exiting them immediately if condition isn't met. According to couple weeks testing on populated server with cca 20 players, no FPS drop was recognized. BTW: you can add some debug logs to loop critical points and see the result. --- Q: mr. yeahBUT ...yeah, but I can imagine how installation is gonna be difficult... A: mr. no_name Actually, it's not. Visit this github repo and clone or download files. Follow repo structure and merge it with your server/client files. --- Q: mr. yeahBUT That's all you can say about installation??? Are you serious?? A: mr. no_name No and yes. One more thing - addon is designed the way so you don't need to touch any of WAI core files (except a few lines in init). If you will follow repo structure, you can quickly switch between default WAI files and addon files by setting bellow variable to true/false. iben_wai_ACuseAddon = true; // :: WARNING > If you don't know what I mean by "merge files" at this momment, // :: you should probably wait a little bit and learn, before you start to play with (especially) server-side files. --- Q: mr. yeahBUT Hmmm... my movie has just started... have to go now. And BTW... your English sucks... and this addon too... bye... A: mr. no_name :( ... I know... bye... === Later in time... === Q: mr. yeahBUT Hey! IWAC is now part of WAI by default? A: mr. no_name Yes, it is. Since v1.2. It's updated for Epoch --- Q: mr. yeahBUT I don't get it... Seems v1.3.1 is out and it's not the same version as WAI has inside the package. What does it mean? A: mr. no_name Well, it's just a little improvement. Couple days ago several people made a fix for "mission overlapping". We decided to stick with our approach. If you update to v1.3.1, you will get 2 new options in your 'customsettings.sqf' file (see bellow + detailed info in 'customsettings.sqf'_). Now, what is important: 'iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer' gvar means: "If you give me any value > 0 in seconds, I'm gonna protect your just finished mission area against new mission spawn for given time." Protection is processed only if: valid spot for new mission was already found; there is at least 1 item in 'iben_wai_ACprotectedCoord' array (that means, at least one mission was completed and coordinates has to be protected agains new mission spawn). If you decide to update and you don't want use this fix, just set 'iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer' value to 0. Default position fnc will be used with default WAI fix (note: if you've already updated your WAI core files). iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer = 300; // @since v1.3 if (iben_wai_ACdevmode) then { iben_waiACfindPosLimiter = 999; // @since v1.3 }; // :: If iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer > 0 && iben_wai_ACdevmode is true, // :: you will see in your server RPT somenthing like that: // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [find_position.sqf] >> 'iben_wai_ACcoordProtectorTimer' active (300s) >> Initialising custom position FNC for mission coord protection..." // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [IBEN_fnc_AC.sqf] >> Currently protected missions coordinates (iben_wai_ACprotectedCoord) >> [[561.226,[12890.3,11228.4,0.0142517],"MainHero1"]]" // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [find_position.sqf] >> Spot found. Checking if spot is in protected coordinates >> iben_wai_ACprotectedCoord >> [[561.226,[12890.3,11228.4,0.0142517],"MainHero1"]]" // 19:14:07 "=== [IBEN WAI AUTOCLAIM ADDON, v1.3] || DEBUG [find_position.sqf] >> Loop complete valid position >> [6129.23,8784.35,0] >> in 1/999 attempts" --- The end. === Showcase: === IWAC - private server msgs, map markers, status, respawn: === === IWAC - multiple claiming protection, exclude plotpole area option: === === That's all I've got... enjoy, have fun... Cheers... ===
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    [Release] Garage Door Opener

    Hi guys, Here's an in vehicle garage door opener I wrote a while ago, Original idea was from Sanbird. It will scan while you're inside a vehicle for either a locked cinder or a locked wooden door, providing you have access to it, it will allow you to open/close it from inside the car. https://github.com/oiad/garageDoorOpener
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    This is a Treasure hunting event on Skalisty Island. This script spawns crates somewhere on the island. The mission for players is to find them. You can configure the number and reward of crates. This script also spawns some boats, graves and ore veins. No AI Included. GitHub link: https://github.com/Schalldampfer/SIPTH
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    I guess this is currently not compatible with my RLNT Weapon HUD. If you want to use this as nfcStyle you would have to make the changes yourself or wait until I update it, thanks. Studying is taking a ton of time :* LAST UPDATE: 26.09.2017 - go to the bottom for changelog Hey there Epoch-Community, in this topic, I want to release my Update Panel. This may need some longer explanation so if you are interested, read carefully. Background-Story: So I was a bit annoyed by all the vanilla functions that are currently available in ArmA 2. Everytime you just see format texts or hint boxes, sometimes even dynamic texts but still not my taste. So I decided to create a Display that is spawned by a function. It's like a modern version of hint boxes. The cool thing is that you can adjust nearly everything of it by giving the function different arguments. Due to that fact, you could easily manage all your server messages and notifications through this function to have a universal system. It's a bit confusing and ugly when you are running multiple mission systems for example and one is using text at the top of the screen and the other one directly in the middle. What features does it have: Currently, there are 9 different arguments to adjust the Update Panel to your liking. Meanwhile I made ALL arguments optional so you can leave them out. Receiver aka the Side - defines whether the Update Panel is only shown to the Client it's running on or whether it should be shown to everyone like a global message Style - At the moment there are four styles, they are different in the box style and whether it contains an image or not Background Color - Ofcourse you can also adjust the Color of the Box Font Color - Aswell as the text color Header - This is the Headline of the Update-Panel, you could use something like your server tag Line 1 - The first textline of the panel that holds up to 40 characters Line 2 - The second textline that can also hold up to 40 characters and also a good option to display a single line update panel Duration - Also you can adjust the time how long the panel will be visible to the clients Image - The second style can hold an image, here you can define the path of an image that should be displayed in the panel If you are interested in how to use all the arguments and how to make them optional, read this: RLNT GITHUB So you should be able to see that you can adjust a lot of things. And you can suggest even more. If you want another style with a different position of the panel, no problem! Also the function contains a config where you are able to set default variables in case you don't want to write so many arguments each time. Let's say you want to display all messages of your server with this panel, then you can just set the Background Color you want to use for all your panels in the config and never write this color array again. Instead you just type nil as an argument. The function will automatically recognize this and replaces the nil with the variable from the config. All currently available styles: Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Codeexamples: Credits: @Sp4rkY - teached me the most in sqf @iben - got the wonderful github formatting from him @He-Man - made me familiar with eventHandlers and communication between client and server @DirtySanchez - helps me to improve my scripts (performance and structur) @LordGolias - made an awesome sqf-linter for the Atom-Editor @Epoch-Discord - especially @salival @BigEgg @DirtySanchez @scuba_steve - always helpful and very patient Download and Installation: RLNT GITHUB Bugs, Issues and Suggestions: RLNT GITHUB Changelog: Click here for the Changelog with actual links if you are interested in the commits: Changelog
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    Having been able to follow along with the Devs private Discord I have been able to get an idea of just how much time and effort has been put into this latest release, especially in the last few weeks leading up to the release. And they are still at it, tweaking settings and so on with the feedback that has come since the release. So, as the title says THANK YOU for all your hard work.
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    experimental now or wait?

    I have three running 1.0 atm, but even if you wait you should be prepared. Lots of changes. There is a reason that this release is not 0.55 or 0.6 - it is such a great update. Features, functionality, fixes! Great job by all the crew of Epoch devs Lord @vbawol and his crew of @He-Man, @DirtySanchez, @raymix, @Helion4 among others and I know that there is even more coming in 1.1, they just did not want to make you wait longer for this Epoch goodness! Seriously! PS: Yep, been out drinking tonight... but I am prepared for 1.0, ARE YOU?
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    So lets take EPOCH assets and make some upgrades! ENJOY! Credit for the model work goes to @Helion4 Credit for the original CinderWall config goes to @Sequisha
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    [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    Wicked AI 2.2.3 This release is updated for DayZ Epoch/Overpoch >>>Download Here<<< The install instructions are in the github readme file for each version. Updates for DayZ Epoch (Release 2.2.3) Streatman's new attachment system L85 and SVD models. Optional dynamic text mission announcements. ZSC compatible remote message system using a modified version of Salival's remote_message.sqf iBen's mission auto claim addon. Two new options for mission vehicle keys: key in crate & key in vehicle gear. Minor bug fixes with missions. Updates for DayZ Epoch1.0.6.1 (Release 2.2.2) Integrated Caveman's mission pack. Optional AI counter in mission marker loops. ZSC check wallet option. Optional mission static spawn points. Updated with 1.0.6+ classnames in weapon arrays and vehicles. Pistol spawning in crates. Credits @f3cuk - WAI version 2.2.0 @ebayShopper - 1.0.6+ updates (release 2.2.1), right click solution for ItemRadio, mod detection method. @Caveman - extended mission pack @salival - ZSC remote messaging (for dynamic text option), many additional fixes - too numerous to list @Zupa - ZSC check wallet @theduke - testing and class name updates @DAmNRelentless - additional configurable variable and check for ZSC option, dynamic text coding examples @iben Auto-claim addon @BigEgg Vehicle key in crate solution For complete instructions on how to use iben's autoclaim addon see the following topic
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    Server Installation Difficulty Level: Medium Time to invest: Depends upon knowledge of Arma 3 but should be a few hours with 20/20/20 breaks ** 20/20/20: Every 20 minutes, get up and focus on something 20 ft away for at least 20 seconds 1. Download Arma 3 Server files by going into Steam -> LIBRARY -> TOOLS This will download to your Steam Library folder. (most likely in program files -> steam -> steamapps -> common) OPTIONALLY you can install SteamCMD and download arma 3 server from there 2. Setup a new folder on your drive If only hosting a single server, simply "EpochServer" is fine If needing to install multiple server, you can alternately name this "EpochServers" and make a subfolder "EpochMapName" for the server * FOR THE REST OF THIS SETUP WE WILL REFER TO THE SERVER FOLDER AS "EpochServer" 3. Move your Arma 3 Server files over to your new folder to start building your Epoch Server Copy and Pasting these files will work just fine 4. Copy the Client Files to your Server Copy your @Epoch folder to the "EpochServer" By default it should be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@Epoch" Optionally you can download these files also from http://epochmod.com -> Downloads -> Client 5. Copy the Server Files to your Server Open your copy of the EPOCHMOD github Go into the Server_Install_Pack located here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/tree/release/Server_Install_Pack Copy the contents of the Server_Install_Pack into your "EpochServer" main root 6. Setup your preferences of your epoch server A. Location: "EpochServer"\sc\server.cfg https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/sc/server-example.cfg Rename server-example.cfg to server.cfg and configure it setup your server name, passwords, mission file name (optional: difficulty and other config entries) B. Location: "EpochServer"\@epochHive\epochAH.hpp https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/%40epochhive/epochah.hpp#L2 turn on/off the antihack-admin panel C. Location: "EpochServer"\@epochHive\epochConfig.hpp https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/@epochhive/epochconfig.hpp Server settings for restarts, time and other important settings D. Location: "EpochServer"\@epochHive\epochServer.ini https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/%40epochhive/EpochServer.ini Very Important: Battleye RCON and Database port/password settings (See next post for more) 7. Setup your database config Location: "EpochServer"\DB\redis.conf https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/DB/redis.conf port and password change here 8. Setup your preferences of your epoch server Location: "EpochServer"\sc\battleye\beserver.cfg or beserver_x64.cfg https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Server_Install_Pack/sc/battleye/example-beserver_x64.cfg Which depends on what x86/x64 server executable you are running. Should be self explanatory which is needed when? right? If not, x86 means 32bit and x64 means 64bit 9. These below are part of epoch_server_settings.pbo. The links provided are to the source files on github for example purposes. Location: "EpochServer"\@epochHive\epoch_server_settings.pbo\ A. config.cpp https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Sources/epoch_server_settings/config.cpp more server settings B. configs\maps\yourmapname.h https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Sources/epoch_server_settings/configs/maps/tanoa.h Only if using a map other than Altis do you need to use a yourmapname.h file (ie. tanoa.h) Default Map Configs C. configs\CfgLootTable.h https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Sources/epoch_server_settings/configs/CfgLootTable.h Defined Base Loot Tables (if you use Apex, use CfgLootTable_APEX.h) D. configs\CfgMainTable.h https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/experimental/Sources/epoch_server_settings/configs/CfgMainTable.h Defined Loot per Crate (What kind of Loot will spawn in defined crate-Types) 10. These below are part of mission file pbo. The links provided are to the source files on github for example purposes. Location: "EpochServer"\mpmissions\epoch.yourMapName A. epoch_configs\Configs\CfgEpochClient.hpp https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/CfgEpochClient.hpp Most important configs needed Server and Client side B. epoch_configs\Configs\Cfg*.hpp <- refers to all the Cfg hpp files https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_config/Configs/ Look through these files. Most of them have helpful hints, how to configure
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    Hey Lance, I will have this updated in a couple hours when I am able to get on my P.C. Thanks for reminding me!
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    Nice shout out to Epoch by Bohemia

    BI's latest SITREP has a great shout out for Epoch 1.0, nice job: https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00204
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    Thank you to all the Epoch devs for your Arma mods. I wish you well in all your future projects.
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    Epoch Dead?

    That said 1.0.0 is in the works and is going to be feature packed, there is a lot of work going on both experimental GitHub accounts from the community devs. I can say that the changelog is way out of date so if you are curious check out the commits. Client Files: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/EpochCore/commits/experimental Server/Game mode: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commits/experimental Also, I will touch this quickly. @phm The only build that did have a "Steam ID backdoor" was an early leaked version that was intended only for use by the closed group of server admins we had testing at the time. They all knew about it. Just as you mentioned the "controversy" you refer to was manufactured just to get attention to drive sales. I.E. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect Gamers are never satisfied for long and if you try to please everyone you will ever finish. While we cannot please everyone when it comes to an Epoch survival game mode we tried to lay the best groundwork we could so that others can leverage our work. So, If you do not like something change it. That is the beauty of modding.
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    Epoch Dead?

    Sorry ... but what ? Take a look here : https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commits/experimental Then you`ll see that he cares and some other contributers too. Thx @vbawol + @He-Man btw. and the whole rest of the team for your work. Keep in mind that they do it for us in their spare time. And they do it because they want to do it and for nothing else. So ... i just wanted to point out , that he cares. But i think the limiting factor is simply the time and the team is not as big as it was 2 years ago.
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    A little update here, a little tweak here and before I knew it I was reworking the entire script. Here is a breakdown of whats changed and available on a branch and pull merge request. Server Side [REMOVED] PublicVariable Event Handler [REMOVED] Spawn loop for generating keys for each [ADDED] 3 new functions to handle the removed PVEH(ReadFrom/WriteTo/TrashFrom) [ADDED] 2 new functions to spit out client vgs key and client garage on join [ADDED] Debug config option to log every use/request Client Side [FIXED] Global.hpp missing and caused hosts issues getting the script setup and running [ADDED] Ships are now searched for and listed for storage in the garage [FIXED] System searched for "Air", but listed only "Helicopters" (now planes and VTOL will show up). [ADDED] Scroll Wheel config option to disable/enable [ADDED] Dyna Menu self interaction [ADDED] Jammer requirement config option along with max distance from jammer entry [ADDED] Scroll Wheel will follow Jammer Requirements and Max Distance if enabled [ADDED] Dyna Menu will follow Jammer Requirements and Max Distance if enabled [ADDED] Debug config option to log each client vgs event [ADDED] New Function to handle the receipt of data from VGS server [FIXED] Refreshing of VGS GUI on Move IN and Move OUT was not refreshing both sides properly. New Configs // Settings here debug = 0; // 1 = ON // 0 = OFF range = 25; // Vehicles within this range of player can be moved into garage useScrollWheel = 1; // Scroll Wheel VGS Menu requireJammer = 0; // 1 = ON // 0 = OFF maxDistanceFromJammer = 300; // meters, only applies if requireJammer = 1 With new readme Branch here: https://github.com/ravmustang/Game_code/tree/VGS-Overhaul/ArmA_3/A3_EPOCH_virtualGarage Merge Request here: https://github.com/IT07/Game_code/pull/4
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    So, Stuff I"m working on for the next update includes: Full support for static AI which can be spawned on land with spawning triggered by player proximity and an optional respawn time. Surface marine patrols. AI divers and SDV patrols. Random selection of spawn locations along the coast. Release date slated for early 2018. We will be running beta's for some of these features on our server. Contact me if you are interested in testing.
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    I could not agree more. I have played a few hours and really enjoyed all the additions and tweaks.
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    BDTZ's POI's

    ** 26 October 2017 ** I've completed the POI. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know! You can get this from here: https://github.com/BetterDeadThanZed/EpochAddons Just put the .pbo file in your @epochhive/addons folder. If you already have a pbo with server addons, you can place the gorka_military.sqf file in the proper place and load it in your existing fn_init.sqf. Since I'm getting back into Epoch, I thought I'd make some POI's for Chernarus Redux. I've begun to design one now and will work on it as I have time. When I feel it's at a place that I like it, I'll release it. The first POI is a militarized Gorka. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
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    Hello everyone, While bored, I thought of something that would be of convenience to players on my server: There is, however, a limitation to this original version: This requires the server to have a 5 day or 10 day maintenance period. In order to be accurately shown, your maintenance script must add 0.1 damage daily to objects on your server. View the below post to understand how my maintenance scripts work: Understand that I made this quite specific for my server as I know how all of my queries line up. There may be some complications on your server if, for example, you have destructible bases. This addon goes through every base object and retrieves the damage of each of them, then takes the highest damaged object and rounds it. A damage of 0.9 in this case shows us that the base was maintained 9 days ago. If a destructible object is damaged, it will adjust the time based upon that object which may cause some issues. I will later update this to exclude the objects in the DZE_GodModeBaseExclude variable, regardless of whether or not the server has this option turned on. Install: Copy/paste the following into the if (!isDedicated) section of your compiles.sqf, being sure to correct the path: PlotObjects = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "PATH\plotObjects.sqf"; Then, create a file called "plotObjects.sqf" and paste the following in it, being sure to save it in the path that you defined above: private ["_range","_buildables","_near","_count","_numclr","_damage","_dmg","_dmgclr","_ctrl"]; disableSerialization; _range = DZE_PlotPole select 0; _target = (([player] call FNC_getPos) nearEntities ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ",15]) select 0; // Also count safes, lockboxes, vanilla buildables, tents and stashes against DZE_BuildingLimit _buildables = DZE_maintainClasses + DZE_LockableStorage + ["DZ_buildables","DZ_storage_base"]; _near = nearestObjects [_target,_buildables,_range]; _count = count(_near); _numclr = "#FFFFFF"; if (_count / DZE_BuildingLimit * 100 < 40) then {_numclr = "#00FF00";}; if (_count / DZE_BuildingLimit * 100 > 75) then {_numclr = "#FF0000";}; _damage = 0; { _dmg = damage _x; if (_dmg > _damage) then {_damage = _dmg}; } count _near; _damage = round(_damage * 10); _dmgclr = "#00FF00"; if (_damage >= 5) then {_dmgclr = "#FFFF00";}; if (_damage >= 8) then {_dmgclr = "#FF0000";}; _ctrl = findDisplay 711194 displayCtrl 7014; _ctrl ctrlSetStructuredText parseText format["<t color='%1'>%2 / %3</t><t color='#FFFFFF'> : </t><t color='%4'>Last Maintained %5 Day(s) Ago</t>", _numclr, _count, DZE_BuildingLimit, _dmgclr, _damage]; You are done :) I know there will probably be some issues, so I will help out people as much as I can! I am working on a version that uses extDB to store the time directly so that this script will work globally. Obvious creds for making this possible go to @Zupa
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    Epoch Dead?

    Hello guys, @vbawol - and other guys from epoch team ... and guys releasing addons: I cannot express how I'm greatfull for your hard work. As a developer I can understand the cost of that work ... you shared your skills, free time, money, heart... Let me tell you something: Epoch is not dead and never be! Why? Because you created something wonderfull for many kids - kids that started coding the most effective way - write some code - see the result immediately - in your favourite game. That means, you helped a significant amount of people to start something new and grow as a developer-beginner. And you will never know - someday someone asks famous developer - "How did you start coding?" - and he answer - "Well, once I played Epoch mod and ...". And there is more what your work means for others... Thank you guys from deep of my heart! You guys are my heroes... Cheers
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    [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    Hey everyone, I just figured I would drop a line and save everyone some head-aches for a while at least. Step 1: Remove infistars trash scripts.txt Step 2: Create a new scripts.txt and add the following to it: //new2 4 dedicatedServerInterface 4 openDSInterface !="a _lbindex;\n};\n\nif (_lbselected == \"DSInterface\") then {openDSInterface;};\nif (isMultiplayer) then {player createDiarySubject [\"" 5 reRunCheck This will prevent people from using the server control panel in game, and will block the dankhax injector entirely. This variable could obviously be changed by them, so to be even safer, you could also filter for execVM. Hope it helps :)