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    What are the better guns?

    Although you can lose all your inventory at death, that is part of the appeal in playing a survival mod, testing how long you can stay alive, what resources you can gather, what shelter you can build. It might not be for everyone. You could both try one of the servers that offer PVE play, where it is just you against environment and killing on sight, and in most cases any player killing is forbidden.
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    I need knows MAPPING

    Found a good little video that shows how to add custom buildings via 2D or 3D editor, it also shows how to add them to your server.
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    AWOL .. add this to the mod lol .. revive player .. blow smoke u the victims arse LOL, Teabagging the player .. no sir he was trying to revive teammate lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vABv1NRb520&feature=share
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    lol. Assuming this is hivext.log that you are talking about then at the bottom of hivext.ini you can edit the following (if it's not there just add it in) [Logger] ;Possible values: trace, debug, information, notice, warning, error, critical, fatal, none ;They are sorted by importance (low to high), with trace being the most verbose, and none would turn off logging ;This controls both the file output level, and the console output level Level = none ;Uncomment this option to override the logging level for the console only ;The specified level can only be higher than the global one, setting lower values will have no effect ;So for example, if you want to have information-level logs in your file, but only warning-level and higher in your console ;You would uncomment this option and set it to warning ;Leaving it commented out means there's no special level for the console, so it will just use the global one ConsoleLevel = none ;By default, the HiveExt console log output will go to the Arma2 server window, with colour highlighing by importance ;If you want to use the old style, separate windows console window for the HiveExt log output, set this option to true SeparateConsole = false I normally have mine on trace, for testing..
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