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    [Multi-Release] POI Chernarus - By Team BBC

    Create a folder named Maps in your MPMission Chernarus Open you Ini.sqf Add this to activated part of POI (at the end of ini.sqf file [] ExecVM "Maps\Barrage_Dan_BBC.sqf"; // Activation // [] ExecVM "Maps\Barrage_Dan_BBC.sqf"; // Deactivation Download SQF File (Right Click Save AS) : NO PICS Barrage Cherno http://www.gameoverblog.fr/Depots/DayZ_Epoch/Barrage_Dan.sqf Black Lac http://www.gameoverblog.fr/Depots/DayZ_Epoch/BlackLac_Dan.sqf Airstrip US Base : C130 Crash http://www.gameoverblog.fr/Depots/DayZ_Epoch/Airtrip_Camp.sqf The Forest http://www.gameoverblog.fr/Depots/DayZ_Epoch/Bois1_Dan.sqf Somewhere in chernarus http://www.gameoverblog.fr/Depots/DayZ_Epoch/LieuxditPenduAto.sqf Dubrocka destruction http://www.gameoverblog.fr/Depots/DayZ_Epoch/Dubrovka_Detruit.sqf The Dead Castle http://www.gameoverblog.fr/Depots/DayZ_Epoch/DeadCastle_Dan.sqf Enjoy
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    DayZ Stand Alone!

    DayZ stand alone? What's that? ;) You missed the boat Rocket old son..... Epoch, now that's a game!
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    Yes, i am running Yes, I did copy over the BattlEye filters. I then had the script restrictions. 82 & 126. "Fixed" them both and now it seems to be running. I will need to do some testing; but it looks like it is running!
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    HFB is still running off of as well, otherwise i'd offer up my server for testing.
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    Mind Games

    What a Nice Video Editor Can Bring

    Nice idea, bout time I dusted off old sony vegas. I'll give it a try.
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    Industrial Loot Issue?!

    The guys works hard and fast. Cudos to you Team!
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    this is how its intended to be. you have to set the qty that the traders have and after each sale it drops by 1 the way round it is to put this in your mysql database CREATE EVENT updateStockDaily ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'Updates out of stock vendors' DO UPDATE `traders_data` SET qty=10 WHERE qty=0 AND afile<>'trade_any_vehicle' AND afile<>'trade_any_boat'; this basically sets the qty to 10 every day so each day there is 10 to sell, after the 10 are gone there out of stock till the next day
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